Car Care Guide

Don’s guide to vehicle care is designed for you the customer.  Here at Don’s Hand Car Wash we feel that it is important that our customers are well educated in proper vehicle maintenance.  Here you will learn what to expect from our hand car wash process, “The Four Benefits to Using a Professional Car Wash”, the difference between “Express Detailing” and “Full Detailing” and “Don’s Exclusive Pledge”.

A Great Car Wash In Less Time
At A Fair Price = A Great Value!

A Pledge to Our Customers
With your friends at Don’s Hand Car Wash
You are #

5 Reasons to choose Don’s Hand Car Wash
1. PERSONAL attention from our Owner/Management Team
2. PERSONAL satisfaction with our Satisfaction Guarantee
3. PERSONAL and customized treatment of your car with our hand wash process
4. PERSONAL respect by our clean, polite & uniformed attendants, who are assigned to your car to ensure a perfect job
5. PERSONAL service with our two man finishing team to ensure you receive the fastest and most efficient service possible

Research show that resale or trade-in values for cars can be significantly increased (by $1,500 to $2,000) if the exterior and interior of an automobile were well cared for.